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History is Expensive For Apartments With Industrial Charm

Industrial-era details are in demand, and not so easy to find, brokers say.

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'Portrait Project' Lets Underserved Teens Imagine Their Dream Futures

The Art Start exhibit, inside the Seaport's Cannon's Walk, is on display through December.

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Man Attacked, Robbed of Cash, Sneakers and iPhone in Seaport, Police Say

The man was jumped by two robbers as he walked along Peck Slip, police said.

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Seaport Museum Gets $10.4M in FEMA Funds Nearly 3 Years After Sandy

The museum sustained millions of dollars worth of damage from the storm.

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Guggenheim Museum, HarperCollins Turning Seaport Into 'Culture District'

The Seaport Culture District is turning empty storefronts into centers of art and design installations.

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Enjoy Music, Drinks and Artisanal Crafts at Seaport Night Market

The Old Seaport Alliance will host the evening event at the Fulton Stall Market on July 25.

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Moving Wall Street Bull Could Ease Tourist Congestion Downtown, Group Says

The "Make Way For Lower Manhattan" plan is pursuing ways to decongest Downtown's confusing streetscape.

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Duran Duran, Wyclef Jean to Perform at Concert Benefiting Seaport Museum

The concert will take place on Pier 15 and 16 on Aug. 4. VIP seats will be on boats.

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Seaport Named One of the Most Endangered Historic Sites in the Country

The neighborhood, under controversial development, was added to the most endangered historic sites list.

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Seaport Developer Pledges to Address the 'Height Issue' of Luxury Tower

The Howard Hughes Corporation, in a letter to the mayor, said they are working on the "height issue."

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Pols Want City's Inspection Report Before Seaport Buildings Are Torn Down

Five elected officials are asking for inspection reports for historic buildings demolition.

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City and Developer Allowed Seaport Buildings to Crumble, Neighbors Say

Portions of long disputed, historic buildings will have to be torn down, officials said.

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Broken Water Fountains at Downtown Playground Leave Parents Steaming

The water spouts at the Imagination Playground won't be turned on until mid-June, officials said.