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Cleanup Crew Dumped Oil Into Sewer After Spill, City Says

A contractor was fined after officials found workers dumping oil into city sewers.

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Stinky Cloud in Hell's Kitchen Caused By Cooking Grease, Officials Say

An unknown person dumped the grease down a sewer grate, coating a ConEd transformer.

New York City »

Spills a Risk as City Converts to Clean Heating Oil, Officials Say

An official at the DEC is concerned the green-up project could lead to more heating oil spills.

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Hell's Kitchen Oil Spill Worse Than Thought as Noisy Cleanup Persists

Officials said the heating oil spill cleanup will go on for an undetermined amount of time.

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Oil Spill Causes Headaches on West 56th Street

Trucks and fumes have been a problem since heating oil spilled in a basement on the block.