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Thief Who Swiped Three Paintings from Gallery Caught Red Handed, NYPD Says

Louis Lassalle allegedly stole three expensive oil paintings from a Williamsburg gallery Saturday night.

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Transit Hub by Williamsburg Bridge to Get New Restroom, Waiting Area

A waiting room, automatic toilet, street trees, benches and widened sidewalk are part of the plan.

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Driver Charged With Manslaughter and DWI in Fatal Williamsburg Bridge Crash

Janice Brown, 21, was killed when Ayisha Dobson's Nissan Altima spun out of control on the bridge Monday.

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Railroad-Themed Bar Aims to Reinvent Rollicking '70s Musical Atmosphere

Passenger Bar on Roebling Street will host and record jam sessions from local and national bands.

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Man Arrested for Attacking Rabbi Who Spoke Out Against Abuse, Police Say

Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg, who was vocal during the Nechemya Weberman trial, said the assailant used bleach.

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New Williamsburg Charter School Met With Mixed Feelings

Success Academy charter school is now co-located with J.H.S. 50 in South Williamsburg.

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Tattoos Replace Clothing to Cover Skin During Steamy Summer

Bare clothing reveals Williamsburg residents' many colorful tattoos.

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Dog Owners Groom Canines for Comfort Amid Summer Swelter

Dog owners are giving their pets short cuts, shaves and full-time air conditioning.

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Williamsburg Rallies Against Daycare Center Cuts

More than 100 parents, leaders and teachers protested Williamsburg's five daycare closures.

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Man Kills Girlfriend, Self in Williamsburg

Efriam Gabourel fatally stabbed Liliana Belfor before jumping to his death from 325 Roebling St.