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PTA Wants to Dump Landmark Group's Education Program After Lawsuit

P.S. 166's PTA is fighting back against Landmark West's bid to stop playground reconstruction.

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Opponents of Controversial UWS Playground Overhaul File Last-Minute Lawsuit

This is the seventh lawsuit filed against the city to stop the playground reconstruction.

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More Than $200K in Council Funding Going to Benefit UWS Schools

City Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal has designated more than $200,000 toward local school funding.

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Racial Gap Widening at Upper West Side Schools, Data Shows

The percentage of African-American students at local schools has steadily declined over the past decade.

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Dog Run and Rooftop Playground on Ballot for $1M in Funding

Residents will be able to vote on 18 projects in the neighborhood, and the top picks will get funded.

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Public Design Commission Approves Controverisal UWS Playground Redesign

The PDC said the Parks Department only has to modify three benches before it gives final approval.

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Parks Dept. Delays Redesign of UWS Playground

Locals have battled over a redesign of the "dangerous" playground for more than a year. 

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Parks Dept. Chief Yells at Parents for Opposing UWS Playground Renovations

The staffer blamed an opposition group for halting progress on Playground 89's redesign. 

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Contentious Playground Redesign Must Get Principal's Approval, Says CB7

The new playground design doesn't take into account the principal's concerns, said CB7 members.

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UWS Playground Blamed for Kids' Injuries Gets New Redesign Plan

The latest iteration of the Playground 89 redesign will be voted on this week by Community Board 7.

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Snow Closes 'Dangerous' UWS Playground to Students During Recess

The P.S. 166 playground often has to close after a snowstorm because of its design, parents said.

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Best Places to Celebrate Halloween on the Upper West Side

The neighborhood is bursting with celebrations and Halloween events this weekend and next week. 

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'Dangerous' UWS Playground's Redesign Back to Drawing Board, Locals Say

The playground redesign is being reconsidered, months after the initial design was approved. 

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Overhaul of 'Dangerous' UWS Playground Delayed Again

Delays in renovations to the P.S. 166 playground may push construction further into the school year.

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CB7 Greenlights City's Redesign for 'Dangerous' UWS Playground

Local leaders approved the Parks Department's changes for Playground 89 at P.S. 166.