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Why Are There So Many Manhole Fires? Experts Blame Salt

Salt that's spread to melt snow corrodes underground wires, which then ignite, officials said.

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Man Hit by Flying Manhole Cover After Explosion Near Prospect Park

A manhole exploded on Prospect Park West near Fifth Street, shattering windows and injuring two people.

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Seniors Enduring 'Harassment' at Assisted Living Facility, Caregivers Say

Seniors aren't being bathed and their rooms aren't being cleaned, court filings and caregivers say.

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Park Slope Senior Facility to Close in 90 Days, Residents Told

Seniors at Prospect Park Residence were told Wednesday night the facility is closing in 90 days.

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Transportation Department Lowers Speed Limit on Prospect Park West

The speed limit on Prospect Park West has been lowered from 30 to 25 mph.

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NYPD Officer Arrested for Selling Counterfeit North Face Jackets, DA Says

Officer Marc Florida, 42, was arrested and charged with counterfeiting, police said.

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Children's Deaths Prompt Residents to Brainstorm Traffic Safety Solutions

The deaths of Sammy Cohen Eckstein, Lucian Merryweather and Allison Liao have left many wanting changes.

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M.S. 51 to Honor Boy Killed in Car Accident with Concert, Instruments

M.S. 51 is hosting a concert with a tribute to 12-year-old Sammy Cohen-Eckstein.

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Classmate of Park Slope Boy Killed by Van Pleads with Drivers to Slow Down

An M.S. 51 student tied 40 teddy bears to lampposts on Prospect Park West to remind drivers to slow down.

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50-Year-Old Man Found Dead in Prospect Park, Cops Say

A man was found dead inside Prospect Park on Sunday night, cops said.

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Thief Snatches Park Slope Mom's Purse as She's Chasing Toddler Down Street

A mom had her purse stolen when she left it on her stoop so she could chase her toddler daughter.

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Career Criminal Nabbed Stealing Fruitcake in Park Slope, Police Say

An officer arrested the accused burglar near a Prospect Park West apartment building.

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Brooklyn Dad Starts Scouting Troop That Welcomes Girls, Gay Members

A Brooklyn dad started his own troop to avoid the Boy Scouts of America's anti-gay stance.

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Start the New Year with a Bang

Fireworks will ring in 2013 in Prospect Park and Central Park on New Year's Eve.

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Park Slope Residents Say They're 'Fortunate' in Wake of Hurricane Sandy

Dozens of trees were felled, but the neighborhood avoided major power outages and floodings.