North General Hospital

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New Healthcare Center Opens in Harlem at Former North General Hospital

The $26 million Institute for Family Health expects 80,000 annual patient visits.

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City Issues Stop Work Order at East Harlem Construction Site After Fire

The city issued a stop work order after a fire caused a crane in East Harlem to stop working.

Roosevelt Island »

Hospital Patients Forced Out as Roosevelt Island Tech Campus Moves In

Some 800 people will leave Goldwater over the next 18 months, the Health and Hospitals Corporation said.

Harlem »

Health Center Wants to Keep Doctors in Harlem

The Family Health Center at North General will train eight doctors in primary care medicine.

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New Boss Looks to Revive Harlem Hospital

Denise Soares says her clinical nursing experience gives her unique insight.

Manhattan »

300,000 Upper Manhattanites Would Suffer if Health Care Reform is Repealed, Rangel Says

Republicans in the House voted to repeal health care reform on Wednesday.

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Staff and Patients Shocked by Closure of Harlem's North General Hospital

1000 members of staff found out just days ago that they would be laid off on July 2.

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Harlem's North General Hospital to File for Bankruptcy

East Harlem's North General Hospital announced it will close its doors on July 2.

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Former Harlem Hospital Employee Accused of Hacking Computers Containing Patient Info

An employee fired from a North General Hospital is accused of hacking into computers with sensitive patient data.