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Most Memorable Moments of 2012

DNAinfo.com New York looks back at 2012's biggest stories and most dramatic photos.

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Anna Gristina in Talks About Pig Rescue Reality TV Show

Accused Millionaire Madam Anna Gristina has been talking with TV execs about producing a reality show.

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'Millionaire Madam' Anna Gristina Anxious to See Her Pigs, Husband Says

When Gristina makes bail, her husband said she will want to see her pigs, which are now with caretakers.

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'Millionaire Madam' Says She's Too Poor to Pay Lawyer

Anna Gristina has no money to pay for an attorney, her pro bono lawyer argued Monday.

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'Millionaire Madam' Lavished Love and Money on Pigs

Anna Gristina was in the midst of a big pig rescue when she was arrested on prostitution charges.