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Green Taxis Bypass Jamaica, Where Dollar Vans and Gypsy Cabs Dominate

The city's new Boro Taxis concentrate in certain neighborhoods, but shun other areas, data show.

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Jamaica Colosseum Mall Listed for Sale for $45 Million: Report

The mall on 165th Street in downtown Jamaica  has 250,000 square feet of development rights.

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Jamaica Could be New York's Next Tourism Hotspot, New BID Director Says

Rhonda Binda took over the Jamaica Center BID in December.

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Burger King Manager Hurls Napkin Dispenser, Chipping Man's Teeth: Officials

The man was ordering food when a manager threw a napkin dispenser at a group of rowdy kids, police said.

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Man Fatally Shot in the Neck on Christmas Day, Police Say

The victim, James A. Bryant, 20, had been in an argument with two men before the shooting, police said.

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Thief Steals $50K Antique Ring From 90-Year-Old Woman and Sells it for $50

A pawn shop owner contacted police, who returned the heirloom engagement ring to the elderly woman.

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Kick Off Holiday Season With Free Hot Chocolate and Toys in Jamaica

A tree lighting ceremony will be held at Rufus King Park this Saturday.

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City Seeks Ideas to Transform Jamaica Garage Into Affordable Housing

A new development is planned for 168th Street, between Jamaica and Archer avenues.

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Woman Scammed Out of $8K Through Instagram Job Hoax, Police Say

The woman said she was promised a job via Instagram.

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More Than 100 Firefighters Battle Fire at Trash Facility, FDNY Says

A fire broke out at Jamaica's Royal Waste Services Tuesday morning, officials said.

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Jamaica Business Group to Survey Local Shopping Needs

Downtown Jamaica's BID will use the results to lure new retailers to the neighborhood.

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Assaults on Jamaica Police Officers Up by More Than 40 Percent

The injured officers in the 103rd Precinct this year include Kenneth Healey, who was hit with a hatchet.

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Mom Uses iPhone App to Track Missing Son to Police Precinct Holding Cell

The 16-year-old is a suspect in a Jamaica robbery, police said. 

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NYPD Officer Injured in Jamaica Hatchet Attack Moves to Rehab Center

Officer Kenneth Healey left Jamaica Hospital Wednesday afternoon.

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Developer Plans 3 Hotels, Apartment Building and Supermarket in Jamaica

The planned hotels, if approved, would bring nearly 500 guest rooms to Jamaica, the developer said.