Inwood Hill Park

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Inwood Shakespeare Fest May End 15-Year Run Due to Park Crowding

The festival organizers may no longer be able to reserve space in Inwood Hill Park.

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13 Things for You To Do in Manhattan Neighborhoods This Weekend

Several events are happening this weekend, including free movie screenings, festivals and a water fight.

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Model-Airplane Flyers Push City for Designated Space in Inwood Hill Park

The Dyckman RC Modelers want permission from the Parks Department to fly model airplanes.

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18 Things to Do This Week in New York City's Neighborhoods

Enjoy wage-gap drinking, "Jurassic Park" in the park and raw chocolate-bar making this week.

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16 Things To Do This Week in New York City's Neighborhoods

Get in the mood for the Fourth of July weekend with these outdoor events.

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After Inwood Parks Trashed, Locals Organize on Facebook

Residents said large weekend parties regularly cover the park in garabge while trash cans appear empty.

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12th Annual Uptown Arts Stroll Kicks Off This Weekend

This year the festival will expand to include West Harlem for the first time.

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Uptowners Fear Rise in Quality-of-Life Offenses Under NYPD Pilot Program

The program will bring an end to specialized patrol units, including those for parks and impact zones.

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Schools and Parks Win Big in Uptown Participatory Budgeting Vote

An outdoor fitness center, a community food garden and playgrounds for two schools won the most votes.

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Sunbathing Seal Takes Up Residency on Inwood Dock

The seal, which was first spotted on Monday, has been showing up on a dock near Columbia's boathouse.

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Seal Spotted Splashing and Sunbathing Near Inwood Hill Park

The seal frolicked in the water before hopping onto a Columbia University rowing dock.

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School Upgrades and Community Garden Among Proposed Projects for Funding

Uptown residents can vote on which of 12 projects should get $1 million from City Councilman.

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Woman Sleeps in Freezing Park to Save Wild Dog, She Says

The woman built a shelter in Highbridge Park and slept with the wild dog to coax him to safety.   

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6 Things to Do Uptown This Weekend

Beat cabin fever with these free events, including a "Moonstruck" screening, an art show and more.

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Inwood Hill Park to Get GPS Locators and New Signs to Increase Safety

The Parks Dept. will install signs and GPS locators at 16 landmarks throughout the park.