Clinton School for Writers & Artists

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Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

Clinton Principal Readies Students, and School, To Grow

The Clinton School for Writers and Artists will move to a new building next year and add a high school.

Union Square »

Clinton School for Writers and Artists Approved to Expand Into High School

The popular Chelsea school received one of the city's top scores on its recent progress report card.

Union Square »

Chelsea Arts Middle School Likely to Expand with High School in U. Square

The Clinton School for Writers and Artists will expand into a high school if it gets a C grade or higher.

Chelsea & Hell's Kitchen »

Chelsea School Bucks the Trend With No Kindergarten Waitlist

Even though other schools have huge waitlists, P.S. 11 has accommodated all its zoned students.

Midtown & Theater District »

Furious Board Urges City to Restore Slashed School Seats

Members of Community Board 5 are urging the city to reverse a decision to shrink a soon-to-be-built schoool near Union Square.

Chelsea & Hell's Kitchen »

P.S. 51 Students May Be Sent to Other Schools During Construction

P.S. 51 students could be split up and moved into P.S. 11 and the Clinton Middle School in the wake of construction.

Chelsea & Hell's Kitchen »

Clinton School Gets Approval for Chelsea Street Playground

After a bumpy start, the Clinton School has the support of CB4 and its neighbors for its lunch hour play street.

Manhattan »

The Clinton School Battles for a Street Playground

The Clinton School for Writers and Artists is struggling to secure a street playground for its students.

Chelsea & Hell's Kitchen »

City Votes to Move Clinton School to St. Michael's Site

Despite a controversial ban on sex education, Clinton School will move to the site of St. Michael's Academy.

Chelsea & Hell's Kitchen »

Parents and Education Officials Reach Deal Over Clinton School for Writers and Artists

Under a new plan by the city, the Clinton School will not be moving into the classrooms of a school for special-needs students.

Manhattan »

Clinton School in Chelsea to Relocate to Union Square

The Clinton School has finally found a permanent home -- but it's not on the west side.