Cedar Grove Community Hub

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Sandy Relief Hub's New Location Shut Down by City

The Cedar Grove Community Hub was issued a stop-work order after moving across the street.

Midland Beach »

Sandy Victims Come Together Six Months After Devastating Storm

Aid groups held a community vigil to mark the six month anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.

New Dorp Beach »

Staten Island Residents Rally to Save Sandy Relief Hub

The Sandy relief camp was told by the city it needed to move from its spot in time for beach season.

New Dorp Beach »

Sandy Aid Camp Forced to Close So Beachgoers Can Get to Staten Island Shore

The city told a volunteer-run hub to move so that New Dorp Beach can open on Memorial Day. 

New Dorp & South Beach »

Staten Islanders Stock Up Before Snowstorm with Sandy Scars Still Fresh

Residents bought food, gas and water in advance of Winter Storm Nemo.

New Dorp Beach »

Staten Island Sandy Relief Tent Downed by Storm Winds

The main tent of the Cedar Grove Community Hub collapsed due to strong winds from Thursday's storm.

Grasmere »

Staten Island Relief Centers Plagued by Looters, Organizers Say

Organizers of Sandy relief centers said looters have snatched supplies.

New Dorp Beach »

Sandy Relief Camp Stays Open Despite Passing Deadline to Close

The Cedar Grove Community Hub stayed open, despite being told they'd be closed down on Jan. 1.

New Dorp Beach »

City Denies Plan to Shut Down Sandy Relief Camp

The mayor's office said they had no plans to shut down the relief camp on New Years Day.