Bushwick Houses

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13 Arrested in Drug Raid in East Williamsburg Public Housing, DA says

Thousands of dollars worth of drugs were found in Bushwick and Borinquen Plaza housing.

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Police Release Video in Bushwick Houses Shooting

Bobby Roberts, 22, was killed outside of his home on Sept. 25. 

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Man Shot Dead Outside Williamsburg Apartment, Police Say

Bobby Roberts was fatally shot outside his Moore Street apartment building, police said.

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Vinegar Hill Man Fatally Shot in East Williamsburg, Police Say

Jahmal Jerome, 24, was killed and two women were injured in the shooting at the Bushwick Houses. 

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Hero Cop Once Shot In Head Captures Two Alleged Home Invaders

Sgt. Kevin Brennan, who survived a point-blank shooting last year, captured two home invasion suspects.

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Bogus Cop Radio Used to Transmit Fake Officer Down Calls

Calls for an injured officer near the Bushwick Houses turned out to be fake, cops said.

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Deliveryman Beaten Unconscious by Teens in Bushwick

A deliveryman was attacked and his takeout stolen, on his way to the Bushwick Houses police said.

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Police Investigate Death of Baby Girl in Brooklyn

The baby was born early Wednesday and found in an apartment at 24 Humboldt St. in East Williamsburg.

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Police Officer Kevin Brennan Honored by Bushwick Residents After Shooting

Brennan, who was shot in the head, was honored at a 90th Precinct Community Council meeting Wednesday.

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Bushwick Cop Shooting Suspect Luis Ortiz Defiant at Precinct Stationhouse

Luis Ortiz shouted as he was led from the precinct for allegedly shooting Officer Kevin Brennan.

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'Trigger Happy' Bushwick Cop Shooting Suspect Arrest a Relief for Residents

Officer Kevin Brennan is expected to recover from a Bushwick shooting while Luis Ortiz faces charges.

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Cop Shot in Head on Bushwick Avenue and Moore Street

Officer Kevin Brennan, 29, was shot at 370 Bushwick Avenue Tuesday evening.