Bogart Street

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Artist Studio Development to Echo East Williamsburg's Industrial Past

Architect Gene Kaufman wants the building to fit into the industrial setting.

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Baby Pool Brings Outdoor Drinkers Heat Relief at Bushwick Bar

Tutu's now has a baby pool from a Greenpoint toy store in its sidewalk cafe.

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Boar's Head Plant to Host Street Sculpture Party for Bushwick Arts Festival

The decades-old plant is opening its private street for Bushwick Open Studios.

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Adults-Only Nintendo 64 Nights Feature Glow Bracelets and Kale Salad

Winners of Tutu's bar's new free weekly game nights get drink tickets, medals and crowns.

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Boxing Champ Trainer Hosts Golden Gloves Match in Bushwick Gym

Longtime trainer Juan Rivas is finally hosting the Golden Gloves tournament in his neighborhood.

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Hapless Young Bushwick Guys Get the 'Girls' Treatment in New Film

"Mostly Awake" both mirrors and lightly mocks the struggles of Bushwick male 20-somethings.

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Bushwick Gallery Owner to Leave 'Saturated' Art Scene for New Local Digs

Nyssa Frank is moving the Living Gallery farther out into Bushwick to escape the crowds.

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Business Owners Push Bushwick Mall Developer to Keep National Chains Out

Bushwick residents want the mall's developer to commit to renting only to local businesses.

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'Tutu's' Bar Opens in Morgan Restaurant's Former Home

The new bar will be open starting Wednesday.

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Boutique Hotel to Open in Bushwick

The Morgan Restaurant's owner is building a five-story hotel on Bogart Street.

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Dandelion Coffee Maker Starts Bushwick Flea Market

Courtney Novak is starting a market that opens May 19 by the Morgan restaurant.