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Upper East Side »

Adults Face Fears and Learn to Swim at Asphalt Green

Asphalt Green's adult immersion swim class helps people overcome their fear of the water.

Yorkville »

City Adds Second Ramp to Marine Transfer Station Plan, Adding $30M to Cost

Once the new entrance is built, the original ramp will be inactive unless there is an emergency.

Lower East Side »

13 Things for You To Do in Manhattan Neighborhoods This Weekend

Several events are happening this weekend, including free movie screenings, festivals and a water fight.

Battery Park City »

$3,800 in Jewelry Stolen from Asphalt Green Locker, Police Say

A woman had a watch, rings and a bracelet stolen while she worked out, police said.

Yorkville »

Public Has 30 Days To Comment on Marine Transfer Station Permits, City Says

The environmental permits are needed to continue construction and operation of the Yorkville facility.

Upper East Side »

3 Protesters Arrested for Blocking Construction of UES Trash Station

Activists blocked the entrance to the Marine Transfer Station site at East 91st Street and York Avenue.

Upper East Side »

Trash Station Workers Ignored Safety Rules Before Chisel Broke Window: City

Construction workers used improper equipment and took a shortcut, a preliminary investigation shows.

Upper East Side »

VIDEO: Woman Injured at Gym by Flying Jackhammer Bit from UES Trash Station

A 10-pound jackhammer bit crashed through a window at Asphalt Green, next to the 91st St. station.

Upper East Side »

Dog Named After Chuck Norris Hunts New Home After Relearning How to Walk

A pit bull named Chuck was brought to the ASPCA with severe injuries to its hind legs.

Upper East Side »

Hundreds of New Yorkers Set World Record for Trampoline Jumping

More than 300 New Yorkers gathered at Asphalt Green to break a record set in 2012.

Upper East Side »

Groups Launch TV Ad Campaign Against Waste Transfer Station

The 30-second spot focuses on the dangers of the station for kids who play at nearby Asphalt Green.

Upper East Side »

Head of Asphalt Green Retiring After 20 Years

Carol Tweedy has been at the helm of Asphalt Green for two decades.

Upper East Side »

Seven People Arrested at Protest of Planned Waste Transfer Station

The protest was in response to the city's plan to remove trees on the site of a planned ramp.

Yorkville »

City Plans to Rip Out Trees Ahead of Work on Marine Transfer Station

The trees are set to be ripped up at the Asphalt Green athletic complex Friday.