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14-Foot Branch Snaps Off Tree Outside Natural History Museum

The large branch came crashing down inside a park next to the museum on West 77th Street.

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Snooze Under a 94-Ft. Whale at the Natural History Museum's Adult Sleepover

The American Museum of Natural History is hosting a series of adult sleepovers this summer and fall. 

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How to Celebrate the Fourth of July on the Upper West Side

There are lots of family-friendly ways to celebrate the Fourth of July locally.

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Best Upper West Side Activities for Kids During Spring Break

The neighborhood is teeming with exhibits and activities for families staying in NYC for spring break. 

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Choose Your Poison at Museum of Natural History Exhibition

Nature’s deadly adaptations and their influence on human culture are the focus of a new exhibit.

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Far-Flung Frogs Hop to New Upper West Side Home

A new exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History showcases 25 species of exotic amphibians. 

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Restored Teddy Roosevelt Memorial Opens to Public Saturday

The American Museum of Natural History's  "conservation president" memorial had $40M in renovations.

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Pale Male's Babies Return Home After Recovering From Poison

The two fledglings were released to Central Park after recovering from rat poisoning. 

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Natural History Museum Unveils $2.5M Restored Teddy Roosevelt Murals

The museum unveiled newly renovated 34-foot murals in its hall honoring Theodore Roosevelt.

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What's Still Closed After Irene

Despite a mild impact from Hurricane Irene, some Manhattan institution will remain closed tonight.