Yoselyn Ortega

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UWS Parents of Children Allegedly Killed by Nanny Expecting New Baby

The Krim family announced on Facebook on Thursday that they're expecting a baby boy this fall.

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Nanny Accused of Murdering Two UWS Children Fit for Trial, Judge Says

After evaluations from two psychiatrists, Yoselyn Ortega has been deemed fit for trial.

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Nanny Pleads Not Guilty to Murdering Two Children on UWS

Yoselyn Ortega, still hospitalized, pleaded not guilty Wednesday from her bedside.

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Nanny Indicted on Murder Charges For Stabbing Death of Two Children

Yoselyn Ortega, who remains hospitalized, was indicted Tuesday on murder charges

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Accused Killer Nanny's Stress Spiked After Son Moved to NYC, Sources Say

Yoslyen Ortega's $18-an-hour job wasn't enough to pay for private schooling and rent, sources say.  

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Vigil for Krim Children Killed by Nanny Draws 300 at Hippo Park

The Krim family say they miss the slain children Leo and Lulu and think of them every day.

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In Wake of Tragedy, Nanny Experts Offer Advice for Hiring Caregivers

Experts discuss how to screen nannies after  Yoselyn Ortega allegedly killed two children in her care.

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Nanny Who Stabbed Kids in 'Catatonic State,' Sources Say

Detectives want to question nanny Yoselyn Ortega, but she's in a 'catonic state,' sources said.

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Outpouring of Grief for Children Stabbed to Death on 75th Street

Lulu and Leo Krim, 6 and 2, were allegedly killed by their nanny Yoselyn Ortega at 57 W. 75th St.

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Nanny Who Stabbed Kids to Death May Have Seen Therapist, Police Say

Police said Yoselyn Ortega may have been seeking help before she allegedly killed Lulu and Leo Krim.

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Distraught Dad of Children Allegedly Slain by Nanny Tries To 'Be Strong'

Kevin Krim is trying to stay strong for his wife and surving child, his dad says.

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Nanny Stabs Two Children to Death on West 75th Street, Police Say

Marina Krim came home to find two of her children, Lulu and Leo, stabbed to death.