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Trial For Confessed Etan Patz Killer Pedro Hernandez Begins

The trial for accused Etan Patz murderer, Pedro Hernandez, began Friday.

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Etan Patz Murder Confession Can Be Used As Evidence, Judge Rules

Judge Maxwell Wiley ruled the videotaped confession of Pedro Hernandez can be used in his murder trial.

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Man Accused of Killing Etan Patz Describes the Crime in a Video Confession

Pedro Hernandez, 53, confessed in a May 2012 interview to strangling 6-year-old Etan Patz.

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Man Who Confessed to Killing Etan Patz Will Face Trial

There is sufficient evidence against Pedro Hernandez for the case against him to be heard, a judge ruled.

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Confessed Etan Patz Killer's Lawyer Is Denied Bid for Grand Jury Minutes

Pedro Hernandez's attorney sought to prove a jury received inadmissible evidence.

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Etan Patz's Accused Killer Hires World Renowned Expert in False Confessions

Pedro Hernandez will be backed by a famous British forensic psychologist, his lawyer said.

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Etan Patz's Alleged Killer Made a False Confession, Lawyer Says

Pedro Hernandez's lawyer says his client's statements about killing Etan Patz are not reliable.

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Etan Patz's Accused Killer Pedro Hernandez Indicted on Murder Charges

A Manhattan grand jury indicted Pedro Hernandez for allegedly killing Etan Patz in 1979.

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Suspect in Patz Case Released From Prison, Then Rearrested

Jose Ramos, a suspect in the disappearance of Etan Patz, served 27 years for molesting two other boys.

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Medical Examiner Joins NYPD In Etan Patz Basement Search

Medical Examiner specialists used high-tech machines to check for human remains and other evidence.

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Cops Find Only Garbage After Unsealing Coal Room in Etan Patz Search

Cops cut into a coal room in 448 West Broadway to search for clues in the Etan Patz case.

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Cops Search SoHo Basement for Clues in Etan Patz Case

Police returned to the West Broadway storefront where Etan Patz's confessed killer once worked.

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Cops 'Absolutely Certain' They Arrested Etan Patz's Killer

Cops still believe Pedro Hernandez is Etan Patz's killer, despite a lack of physical evidence.

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Alleged Etan Patz Killer Moved to Jail from Psych Ward

Pedro Hernandez, 51, was moved to the Manhattan Detention Complex after weeks in Bellevue.

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Police Investigating Etan Patz Case Return to Prince Street Site

Police returned Tuesday to the Soho spot where Pedro Hernandez says he killed Etan Patz in 1979.