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Woodside »

The improvements are the first phase of redesign plans for the roadway, nicknamed "Boulevard of Death."

Upper East Side »

The Straphangers Campaign gave out its 2014 awards for the slowest and least reliable buses in the city.

Concourse »

The event will take place on Sunday, Oct. 26 starting at the Bronx County Building.

Bedford Park »

The city's 23 cameras have recorded 183,000 violations since January, officials said.

Sunnyside »

The DOT said the roadway's speed limit will remain at 30 miles per hour, according to a spokesman.

Civic Center »

In the wake of a morning traffic death, relatives of those killed in citywide accidents held a rally.

Park Slope »

The 78th Precinct had officers pose as pedestrians and ticketed drivers who didn't yield.

Woodside »

Mauricio Osorio-Palominos' privileges were suspended in NY in 2010 for not paying a fine, the DMV said.

New York City »

The Straphangers Campaign named and shamed the slowest and most unreliable buses.

New York City »

Equipment and bikes were damaged during the storm, pushing back the launch date by two months.

East Village & Lower East Side »

The intersection of Delancey and Essex streets is one of the city's most dangerous for kids.

Murray Hill, Gramercy & Midtown East »

The M50, which travels east-to-west through Midtown, is the slowest bus in all of New York City.

Manhattan »

Roughly two-thirds of those polled in a recent survey say they support bike lanes in New York City.

East Village & Lower East Side »

Transportation Alternatives is pressing for safety measures at Delancey and Essex streets after a woman's death last week.

Downtown »

A whopping 95 percent of parking placards in the Municipal District were fake or being used improperly, a study found.