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Bushwick Fashionistas to Parade Their Looks This Weekend

Bushwick Fashion Weekend is hosting its first parade, where anyone can march.

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Bushwick Fashion Weekend Ditches Catwalks and Makes Everyone a Model

The neighborhood-specific event features vendors who want an alternative to Fashion Week.

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Artist Boom Divides Bushwick Into 'Us Versus Them,' Some Residents Say

Artists need to spread throughout Bushwick to avoid causing conflicts, the community board chair said.

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Bushwick Gallerist Who Fled 'Saturated' Scene Adds Music and Kids' Program

The Living Gallery, which moved April 1, now has band shows and kids' musical theater.

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Bushwick Gallery Owner to Leave 'Saturated' Art Scene for New Local Digs

Nyssa Frank is moving the Living Gallery farther out into Bushwick to escape the crowds.

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Business Owners Push Bushwick Mall Developer to Keep National Chains Out

Bushwick residents want the mall's developer to commit to renting only to local businesses.

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Bushwick Art Supply Stores Meeting Neighborhood's Creative Needs

Two stores have already started selling art supplies, and SoHo Art's warehouse is planning to open soon.

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'Bushwick Zoo' Fashion Event Unleashes Designers' Animal Side

Nyssa Frank, owner of the Living Gallery, is organizing a parade and show with clothing installations.