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DNAinfo New York Wins Four Journalism Awards From Society of Silurians

The journalism club singled out Murray Weiss's exclusive about the Metro-North crash in the Bronx. 

Pelham Gardens »

LISTEN: Shakedown in 'Papa Smurf' Case Caught on Tape

"On the Inside" obtained secret recordings made in the case against Carmine "Papa Smurf" Franco.

New York City »

NYPD Kept $30M Destined For Cops' Pension Funds, Unions Say

Millions in NYPD disciplinary funds allegedly have been misused during Ray Kelly's administration.  

New York City »

Bronx DA Falls Behind Rest of City in Fighting Crime, Mayoral Report Shows

A confidential City Hall study shows Bronx prosecutor's performance falling behind the other city DAs.

Astoria »

Fatal Police Shooting of Unarmed Queens Man to Go to Grand Jury

A grand jury will decide if a cop should face charges for shooting National Guardsman Noel Polanco.

New York City »

Brazen Midtown Murder Was Over Mexican Cocaine Ripoff, Sources Say

A man gunned down in Midtown was killed in a drug deal gone bad, sources say.

New York City »

David Petraeus' Inner Circle Alerted FBI to Affair, Sources Say

CIA Director David Petraeus resigned after an FBI probe found he had an affair with his biographer.

New York City »

NYPD Shrinks To 'Bad Old Days' Size While Bloomberg's City Workforce Grows

There are thousands more city workers than when the mayor took office, but fewer cops.

Wakefield »

NYPD Searching For Answers on Missing Motorcycles

The Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating how seven motorcycles went missing from a NYPD facility.

Wakefield »

Motorcycle Theft Ring's Bikes Vanish From NYPD Lot

Seven luxury bikes seized by police in the take down of an international bike ring were stolen.

New York City »

Thieves Stealing Power Tools and Mechanical Gear From the MTA, Sources Say

Thieves are not only grabbing iPhones. Eighteen MTA facilities have been ripped off this year.

New York City »

NYPD Detective Allegedly Ran With Long Island Burglary Crew, Sources Say

Long Island and federal authorities are investigating an NYPD detective who allegedly robbed a home.

New York City »

Clothes Found in Alleged Killer's Home Not Etan Patz's, Sources Say

Boy's clothes found in Pedro Hernandez's home were "too big" to have been worn by Etan Patz.

SoHo »

Etan Patz's Family Skeptical About Alleged Killer's Confession, Sources Say

Wary after hearing several confessions in the past, Etan Patz's family doubts Pedro Hernandez's story.

New York City »

NYPD's Zero Tolerance Stop-and-Frisk Policy Lands Seminary Student in Cell

Tourist Clayton Baltzer got hit with weapons charges after a frisk revealed his tiny pocket knife.