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Fragrant Ginger Cocoa a Comforting Winter Treat

This spiced version of a cold-weather classic blends antioxidants, protein, and flavonoids.

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Sweet Potato Latkes Spiced and Baked Golden

These sweet potato pancakes are baked with cinnamon and nutmeg for antioxidant-boosting taste.

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Devilishly Delicious Egg Salad Packs a Protein Punch

This flavorful egg salad substitutes Greek yogurt for mayonnaise to boost nutrients and reduce fat.

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A Classic Vegetable Soup with a Touch of Dill

This low-calorie vegetable soup serves as a great starter to any autumn meal.  

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A Healthy Twist on Classic French Toast

A healthy version of French Toast uses whole wheat bread and carmelized pears.

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A Savory Salmon Dish Promotes Bone Strength and Mental Health

Supple salmon, zesty lemon, and a hearty horseradish join forces in this health-boosting dish.

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Eggplant, Tomatoes and Peppers Offer High Flavor and Triple Antioxidants

This vegetarian recipe is full of health-inducing nutrients such as chlorogenic acid and lycopene.

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Tasty, Mayo-Free Potato Salad Delivers Flavor Without the Fat

This cayenne-spiced, potassium-packed potato salad is full of powerful nutrients.

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Yogurt Dessert Satisfies Sweet Cravings While Supplying Key Nutrients

Yogurt, blueberries and whole grains deliver a triple dose of fiber in a sweet, simple treat.

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Microwave Recipes for the Dorm Room

You don't need a full kitchen to whip up delicious treats in your college dorm room.

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Ginger and Cucumbers Add Healthy Flavor to a Classic Chicken Salad

Keri Glassman's recipe for a crunchy chicken salad features a healthy dose of ginger.

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A Recipe to Make the Most of Summer's Cherry Tomatoes

Keri Glassman's recipe for a cherry tomato and feta salad that uses seasonal ingredients.