Etan Patz

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Cops Search SoHo Basement for Clues in Etan Patz Case

Police returned to the West Broadway storefront where Etan Patz's confessed killer once worked.

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Cops 'Absolutely Certain' They Arrested Etan Patz's Killer

Cops still believe Pedro Hernandez is Etan Patz's killer, despite a lack of physical evidence.

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Alleged Etan Patz Killer Moved to Jail from Psych Ward

Pedro Hernandez, 51, was moved to the Manhattan Detention Complex after weeks in Bellevue.

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Police Investigating Etan Patz Case Return to Prince Street Site

Police returned Tuesday to the Soho spot where Pedro Hernandez says he killed Etan Patz in 1979.

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Etan Patz Suspect Won't Appear in Court Until Fall

Pedro Herandez's next court appearance in the murder of Etan Patz was moved to Oct. 1.

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'Lies Can Kill A Family,' Says Sister of Etan Patz's Suspected Killer

Norma Hernandez decried news stories that linked clothes found in her brother Pedro's home to Etan Patz.

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Clothes Found in Alleged Killer's Home Not Etan Patz's, Sources Say

Boy's clothes found in Pedro Hernandez's home were "too big" to have been worn by Etan Patz.

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Cops Find Kids' Clothes at Home of Alleged Etan Patz Killer Pedro Hernandez

The items were reportedly discovered during a search of Hernandez's home by police this week.

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Police Raid Home of Confessed Etan Patz Killer Pedro Hernandez

Cops reportedly seized a computer and hard drive from Pedro Hernandez's house in New Jersey.

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Wife of Accused Etan Patz Killer Says He's 'Suffered From Delusions'

Rosemary Hernandez says her husband, alleged Patz killer Pedro Hernandez, has long been mentally ill.

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It's 'Premature' to Say Pedro Hernandez Killed Etan Patz, DA Says

Manhattan DA Cy Vance said it was too early to say whether Pedro Hernandez killed Etan Patz.

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NJ Police Have No Record of Tip From Sister of Acccused Etan Patz Killer

Camden police say they have no record of a 1980s tip about accused Etan Patz killer Pedro Hernandez.

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Ray Kelly Hopes Etan Patz Case Will Help Cops Find Patrick Alford

Patrick Alford went missing on Jan. 22, 2010, in East New York. He was 7 years old at the time.

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Etan Patz Investigators Interviewing Murder Suspect's Church Group

The members of a church group reportedly heard Pedro Hernandez confess to killing Etan Patz.

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Etan Patz's Family Asks Media to Leave Them Alone

Etan Patz's family posted a sign on their door telling the media not to bother them.