Christine Quinn

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Council Speaker Christine Quinn regained her lead in the wake of Weiner's latest scandal.

New Dorp Beach »

The City Council passed a bill Wednesday night to give rebates on property tax bills to Sandy victims.

Midtown »

Local leaders hailed the vote, which they said will help clear the way for an expansion of Penn Station.

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The council speaker said she expects the council will have the votes, but don't expect her to join in.

Civic Center »

Speaker Quinn and Public Advocate de Blasio are the latest pols to address Weiner's online relationships.

Chelsea »

Corey Johnson has received more cash than Yetta Kurland, records show.

East Harlem »

Five Democratic candidates spent Saturday night at the Lincoln Houses in East Harlem.

Upper East Side »

Asphalt Green and Pledge 2 Protect have slammed Borough President contender Julie Menin.

Cobble Hill »

SUNY officials are planning to close the hospital by this weekend, LICH employees say.

Murray Hill »

The speaker has had a hard time capturing the support of women against Anthony Weiner, of all people.

Civic Center »

The funds will help expand opportunities for immigrants to gain legal status under a Federal program.

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The council speaker opens up a 9-point lead over former Rep. Anthony Weiner, a new poll shows.

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In the wake of Quinn's complaints, the number of reserve ambulances has been increased.

Williamsburg »

EMS took 30 minutes to arrive when a City Council intern collapsed at a press conference.

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Spitzer continues to dominate while Weiner and Quinn remain close in Quinnipiac's latest survey.