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Tour Bus Safety Grades Proposed by Sen. Chuck Schumer

Sen. Chuck Schumer proposed a letter grade system for tour bus companies in the wake of a slew of deadly accidents.

East Village & Lower East Side »

Safety Review Launched After Deadly Chinatown Bus Crashes

A national review into the discount bus industry could result in regulation changes.

Manhattan »

Mayor Slams Cost Hike That Would See Energy Bills Soar

The mayor said that increasing energy rates would be a hardship for residents and businesses.

Manhattan »

City to File Official Challenge to Census Numbers

Elected officials call the Census population count "baffling."

Greenwich Village & SoHo »

Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Remembered After 100 Years

A century after the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, politicians and labor leaders gathered to remember the dead.

East Village & Lower East Side »

Sen. Schumer Calls for Review of Tour Bus Licenses

Schumer asked the state Department of Motor Vehicles to audit the licenses issued to tour bus drivers.

Manhattan »

Schumer Blasts Christie For Killing ARC Tunnel

Schumer said that Gov. Chris Christie's decision was shortsighted.

Harlem »

MLK Day Draws Black Leadership to Harlem

Leaders urged New Yorkers to continue Dr. King's work when it came to guns, education and wages.

Manhattan »

Chuck Schumer Named to Special Leadership Position by Harry Reid

Schumer will head a new office that manages both political messaging and policy for Senate Democrats.

Manhattan »

Chuck Schumer's Senate Future Will Be Decided by Voters Outside New York

Sen. Chuck Schumer is one of two candidates that pundits say will likely succeed Harry Reid if he loses his seat.

Manhattan »

New York Wins $700M in 'Race to the Top' Grants

New York will get $700 million in federal education grants after being named as a winner in the Race to the Top program.

Manhattan »

City's Top Brass Turn Out for Charlie Rangel's Birthday Bash

The turnout at Rep. Charlie Rangel's birthday party was a who's who of New York's political brass.

Midtown & Theater District »

City's Top Pols Say They'll Attend Charlie Rangel's Birthday Party

Andrew Cuomo and Charles Schumer will be among the political heavyweights at Charlie Rangel's Plaza Hotel party.

Harlem »

Chuck Schumer Gives Charlie Rangel's Campaign $10,000 Boost

Schumer's support comes as new poll numbers show New Yorkers have mixed feelings about the embattled Harlemite.