Bill de Blasio

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Concourse »

A new law will require cooling towers to be registered and inspected for the disease.

Williamsburg »

The protest on Sunday is part of an ongoing effort to get the city to finish Bushwick Inlet Park.

East Harlem »

Fines have dropped to $15.7 million from $32.5 million and the number of violations declined by a third.

Civic Center »

One system was on top of Lincoln Hospital and the other at Concourse Plaza in The Bronx. 

Civic Center »

The NYPD's body-camera trial program needs stricter policies to work well, Eure said.

Civic Center »

A high heat advisory will remain in effect through 8 p.m. Thursday.

Midtown »

MTA Chairman Thomas Prendergast urged de Blasio to "stand up" for city mass transit riders.

Midtown »

Almost every other major elected city official was there as well as Vice President Joe Biden.

Upper West Side »

The mayor blamed the media for a misunderstanding between himself and the council speaker.

Civic Center »

The city says they already contribute the lion's share of the MTA's budget with no control.    

Woodside »

A host on "CBS This Morning" asked de Blasio why he "caved" on a plan to cap the growth of Uber.

Civic Center »

The NYPD commissioner said he will likely leave before 2021, the end of a potential second term.  

East Village »

The petition says the surveillance is unnecessary and makes residents feel violated and angry.

Midtown »

The presence of Uber and other new taxi services is taking a toll on medallion revenue.

Civic Center »

Instead, the company will provide data to the city so it can study traffic congestion.