Mathew Katz

Reporter/Producer @MathewKatz

Mathew Katz is a reporter/producer covering Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen for DNAinfo.

Originally from Toronto, Mathew left a freelance career reporting on beer and restaurants in Canada and came to New York to attend the Columbia Journalism School in 2008. He immediately took to the city's diverse neighborhoods and has lived here as much as possible ever since.

Mathew came to DNAinfo from the public radio world. He spent a year and a half in Colorado, reporting on abuses by immigration enforcement officials, small-town police corruption, and craft beer. He's reported from Ireland, Germany, Colorado, New York and Canada for the BBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and NPR. His work has also appeared in the Toronto Star, the Village Voice, and on Torontoist.

He currently lives in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, where you can often find him at his local gym (Mathew's Crossfit Total is 1065 — 405lb Squat, 465lb Deadlift, 195 Overhead Press — but those numbers will probably go up soon), or ruining a workout with some beer and burgers at a new pub.

Fun Fact: Mathew had the choice between moving to New York or hosting a beer cooking TV show in his native Canada. He chose New York, but still wonders what life would be like as a Canadian celebrity chef.

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April 18, 2014

Woman's Jewelry Stolen After She Hosted All-Night Party, Police Say

The woman's $13,400 Rolex, $1,350 bracelet and $610 in cash were swiped as she slept, police said. 

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April 17, 2014

App Aims to Give Away Enough Free Coffee to Keep New Yorkers from Sleeping

Customers who download CUPS can get free coffee from dozens of shops until April 21.

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April 16, 2014

Midtown's New Precinct Commander Pledges to Fight Theft

Deputy Inspector John Hart took over command of the Midtown North precinct this month. 

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April 15, 2014

Rooftop Where Worker Fell Lacked Guardrails, Records Show

The construction worker fell to his death from the top of 434 W. 33rd St. on Monday afternoon.

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April 15, 2014

Late-Night Noise Continues to Plague Residents Near Hudson Yards

Construction is keeping locals up around-the-clock despite the developer's agreement to quiet down.

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April 14, 2014

Neighbors Oppose 1,200-Unit Building on West 57th Street

The new building would bring too many people to an area without amenities to serve them, locals said.

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April 11, 2014

Locals Demand Protections for 57th Street on Rizzoli Bookstore's Last Day

The bookstore was set to close on West 57th Street Friday evening. 

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April 11, 2014

Woman Swiped $46K Rolex and $47K in Cash from Hotel Room Safe, Police Say

A woman invited into a Dream Hotel room ran off with nearly $100,000 in cash and watches, police said.