Senior Artists' Gallery Moves to West Chelsea

By Mathew Katz on April 4, 2013 7:19am 

CHELSEA — A new gallery in West Chelsea is offering up something old.

The Carter Burden Gallery, which is dedicated to showcasing older working artists, has moved from its old home at Gallery 307 on Seventh Avenue to gallery-lined West 28th Street, a move that brings it to the heart of Chelsea's artistic center.

"It's really going to bring in traffic from other galleries," said curator Marlena Vaccaro.

"We can work with and connect with other galleries in the neighborhood to help these older artists, because they deserve the spotlight as well.

Created by the Carter Burden Center for the Aging, the original Gallery 307 showcased a variety of art, including photography, painting and sculpture.

Not only does Vaccaro anticipate more overall foot traffic in the new location, it will also bring in more art-focused visitors, she said.

"It's gallery-goers who come in," she said. "From high school students to art collectors, anyone like that."

The new 2,271 square foot space at 548 W. 28th St. is about four times larger than the old space — letting the gallery show off more artists and bigger shows. It's also in a building that houses 30 other galleries, Vaccaro said.

"When people walk in, they have no idea what the age of the artist is — they have no idea that older artists create this work," Vaccaro said.

"But these artists, they're working every day, like any other artist."

The gallery's upcoming season, which was sponsored by a grant by the Macquarie Group Foundation, will focus on several artists. First up is local painter Barbara Coleman, whose abstract works will be on display from April 11 to May 16. Later in the year, the gallery will show off sculptures by Jonathan Bausch.