Appeals Court Thwarts Effort to Outlaw Ladies' Night at Manhattan Bars

By DNAinfo Staff on September 1, 2010 4:26pm

Manhattan attorney Roy Den Hollander filed a lawsuit claiming that
Manhattan attorney Roy Den Hollander filed a lawsuit claiming that "ladies' nights," which give women a free or discounted admission to nightclubs, discriminate against men.
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By Olivia Scheck

DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

MANHATTAN — It might be closing time for one attorney's attempt to end "ladies' night" club promotions.

A federal appeals court in Manhattan rejected his lawsuit, claiming that ladies' nights violate men's rights under the Equal Protection Act, Wednesday morning.

Roy Den Hollander, a self-proclaimed "anti-feminist lawyer," served as both attorney and plaintiff in the lawsuit, which sought punitive damages from five Manhattan nightclubs and a company called "Jane Doe Promotions."

In its decision, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals noted that Den Hollander painted "a picture of a bleak future, 'where none other than what’s left of the Wall Street Moguls' will be able to afford to attend Nightclubs."

Still, the court rejected his case on the grounds that he had not established that the state had a sufficient legal role in deciding who is let into clubs and bars around New York city.

Now, Den Hollander says he'll probably take his case against ladies' nights to the U.S. Supreme Court, though he said he suspects that the highest court in the land might refuse to hear it.

While the issue might seem trivial to some, Den Hollander said the case has to do with a feminist "ideological corruption" that has infected the justice system.

He has also brought two other anti-feminist cases to the courts, one having to do with the Violence against Women Act and the other with Columbia University's refusal to offer a men's studies course, both of which have been thrown out, according to the attorney.