TriBeCa »

The board of 165 Hudson St. told a Asian resident that Chinese people "always lie," a lawsuit claims.

Clinton Hill »

Victorious Kingsberry was found guilty in the March 2014 shooting death of Gilbert Kelley.

Tompkinsville »

The state appellate court ruled in favor of keeping the minutes sealed on Monday.

Civic Center »

A juror asked to be dismissed after less of two hours of deliberations.

Concourse »

The team consists of lawyers, professors and former judges.

East Harlem »

Dozens of officers crowded the courtroom as Tyrone Howard pleaded not guilty to murder Tuesday morning. 

Civic Center »

Closing arguments for both defense and prosecutors took place Monday in the Silver corruption trial.

Bay Terrace (Staten Island) »

Alsu Ivanchenko, 35, was sentenced to one year in jail for throwing her dog out a car window.

TriBeCa »

The embattled state Assemblyman is on trial for bribery schemes.

East New York »

Peter Liang hired two attorneys who previously worked for the NYPD, according to a report.

Civic Center »

The prosecution rested in the corruption case against the embattled state assemblyman. 

Crown Heights »

Kareem Thomas was shot Wednesday after reaching for a gun after fleeing a car crash, police said. 

Crown Heights »

Gardeners at the Roger That Garden have been fighting the eviction since June, advocates said.

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