Brooklyn Heights »

4 Things for You to Do in New York City's Neighborhoods This Week

A new play from Atlantic Theater Company and ways to cope with a noisy city are on this week's agenda.

East Village »

East Village Soccer Bar Nevada Smiths Owes NJ Bank $147K, Lawsuit Says

The Third Avenue soccer pub owes $146,789.21 after missing its last four payments, the suit says.

Chelsea »

Police Arrest Man Who Beat Up Pregnant Woman Because She Did Not Thank Him

Darryl Gillyard kicked and choked Lakeeya Walker after she failed to thank him for holding the door.

Civic Center »

City Sues to Keep Ex ACS Worker Who Failed Check Abused Kids Off Payroll

After an arbitrator ruled a caseworker who filed fake reports should keep his job, the city is suing.

Central Harlem »

Suspected Supermarket Shooter Was Freed by Judge After Earlier Guilty Plea

Justice Charles Solomon released the man after he pleaded guilty to a 2013 attempted murder.    

West Harlem »

Wal-Mart to Pay $10M to Family of Comedian Killed in Tracy Morgan Van Crash

The sum was agreed after a Wal-Mart truck crashed into a van the man was riding in.

St. George »

Judge Denies Release of Eric Garner Grand Jury Testimony

Judge William Garnett denied motions to release testimony from the Eric Garner grand jury proceedings.

West Village »

Owners of Fat Cat Jazz Club Pocketed $3M in Workers' Tips, Suit Says

Owners of the popular Christopher Street venue kept tips from food and drink sales, the suit says.

Kensington »

Auxiliary Officer Hacked 70th Pct Computer to Further Scam: US Attorney

He secretly installed several devices inside the precinct to access restricted databases, officials say.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Michael Grimm's Ex Sentenced to 3 Months for Illegal Campaign Contributions

Diana Durand was sentenced to three months for using straw donors to boost Grimm's 2010 war chest.

Civic Center »

2 NYPD Officers Who Edited Wikipedia Pages Face Slap on Wrist

The NYPD has tracked down two veteran officers who changed Wikipedia pages about police brutality cases.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Retired Corrections Officer Shooting Puts Spotlight on Citizen's Arrest Law

Willie Groomes' fate rests on laws that severely restrict civilians from resorting to deadly force.

Concourse »

Mother of Bronx Murder Suspect Says Daughter Acted in Self-Defense

Kristal Delvalle declined to testify before a grand jury at a court appearance on Thursday.

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