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Midland Beach »

Many court officers, the men and women who keep the courts secure, lost everything in Sandy.

South Beach »

Many decided to weather the storm in their homes, many of which lack heat and power.

Howard Beach »

Many Howard Beach residents are feeling ignored in the recovery from Hurricane Sandy.

Lower East Side »

Freshmen and sophomores at Millennium High School moved to the Shuang Wen School on the Lower East Side.

Gerritsen Beach »

Good Samaritans have used a Jet Ski and a monster truck to help Hurricane Sandy victims.

New York City »

A major storm will bring wind, rain and snow to the city Wednesday afternoon into Thursday.

Inwood »

Hurricane Sandy uprooted trees and caused damage at Swindler Cove, a restored natural habitat.

New York City »

Residents in Sandy-ravaged neighborhoods have been using their stoves to keep warm.

Civic Center »

New York Downtown Hospital reopened after more than a week after closing on the eve of the storm.

Arrochar »

"I asked you to help me, you bastard!" Glenda Moore was seen screaming at her neighbor in Staten Island.

New York City »

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, another coastal storm is on track to strike the Northeast on Wednesday.

New York City »

Rain, wind and possibly snow could strike New York starting next Wednesday, forecasters said.

Kips Bay »

Herminia St. John, 75, died Monday night when her building lost power, shutting down her oxygen machine.

East Village »

Relatives, friends and even strangers are helping those without electricity or running water Downtown.

Coney Island »

Tenants were left without power or water with little idea of when they would return.