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Bushwick »

The shelter is slated to open up in June, according to the Department of Homeless Services.

Castleton Corners »

The demand came after the murder of a mother and her two daughters Wednesday at a Staten Island shelter.

Midtown »

City workers will monitor the street homeless in most of Manhattan and outer-borough hot spots.

Midtown »

The mayor met with top officials as he faced criticism this summer about homelessness.

Upper East Side »

The ASPCA is holding a promotion in October for those who adopt dogs weighing more than 30 pounds. 

Central Harlem »

A shelter run by the Urban Resource Institute is creating a pet-friendly space for abuse victims.

East Harlem »

Animal Care & Control is waving adoption fees for cats 1 year and older to deal with the overflow.

Upper West Side »

Advocates discouraged pet shoppers from buying animals and offered cats for adoption instead.  

Fort Greene »

A man slashed a 24-year-old woman in front of the Auburn Family Shelter, police said.

Bloomfield »

Neighborhood Cats started "Staten Island Clean Sweep" last month to help curb the population of strays.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Residents say fights and crime occur regularly at the 200-bed shelter in Downtown Brooklyn.

East Harlem »

Animal Care and Control is encouraging those interested in the dog to take home another needy animal.

Fort Greene »

Many kids who lived at The Auburn Family Residence have been moved to other shelters across the city.

New York City »

The new shelter, which will take cats and rabbits among others, will not be allowing dogs right away.