sexual assault

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Yorkville »

The suspect pushed the victim to the ground before robbing and sexually assaulting her, police say.

Brownsville »

The NYPD gave the DNA evidence to prosecutors, Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said.

Stuy Town »

Jason Wilner, 27, assaulted a woman in a Stuyvesant Town laundry room on Jan. 15, police said.

Brownsville »

Five teenagers are accused of raping a woman in a park, but the facts of the case continue to change.

Norwood »

Police are currently questioning a 44-year-old man regarding the sexual assaults.

Brownsville »

The fifth suspect, Shaquell Cooper, was held on an unrelated assault charge, his lawyer said.

Chinatown »

Police said the victim was sexually assaulted at home at 4:05 a.m. on Jan. 10.

Brownsville »

The video shows the woman sitting on the ground as young men stand around her laughing.

Brownsville »

Travis Beckford, 17, was arrested at his high school Tuesday morning, police said.

West Village »

The man followed the woman through the West Village for several blocks before she got home, police said.

Brownsville »

The girl was with her father in Osborn Playground when the teens pulled a gun on them, police said.

Bushwick »

She was raped in her Bushwick home in October, police said.

Flatiron »

Ahmed Machebek allegedly grabbed the girl and told her he wanted "just one kiss," police said.

Lower East Side »

Eric Niles dragged a jogger to the East River Park Amphitheater and raped her, police said.

Lower East Side »

She was attacked near the East River Park Amphitheater, police said.