sexual assault

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Upper West Side »

Police are searching for the man who put a woman in a headlock and tried to kiss her in Riverside Park. 

Gramercy »

The man followed his victim into the station, grabbed her leg and exposed himself, police said.

Howard Beach »

New York and Massachusetts police shared evidence in Karina Vetrano's and Vanessa Marcotte's deaths.

Lower East Side »

He had taken off his pants and underwear before trying to strip an unconscious woman, police said.

Claremont Village »

Police said Garry Pinkney, 17, followed a 13-year-old girl into her apartment and attacked her.

Claremont Village »

Police said a 13-year-old girl was followed into her Claremont Village apartment and attacked Thursday. 

East Harlem »

Police are looking for a man who followed a woman into her building near 102nd Street. 

Stuy Town »

Juan Scott, 28, pleaded guilty to three 2014 sex assaults in Stuy Town and the East Village.

Windsor Terrace »

The victim got "a very good look" at her attacker, police said Wednesday.

Flushing »

The suspect attacked three women over five days near the Flushing park, police said.

Windsor Terrace »

She fended him off after he knocked her to the ground and punched her, video shows.

Flatbush »

The victim fought her attackers off and narrowly escaped.

Morrisania »

"I don't want money. I'm going to rape you," Earl Nash told Nenegale Diallo during the attack, she said.

Flatbush »

Two men attacked her near Tennis Court and Ocean Avenue, police said.

Park Slope »

The woman was walking on Second Street when the man assaulted her, according to the NYPD.