sexual assault

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Olinville »

The victim fought back against her attacker and suffered a broken jaw, police said.

Greenwood Heights »

The woman fell on the sidewalk while walking home from the 25th Street R station in Greenwood Heights.

Soundview »

He grabbed her in a chokehold from behind on Tuesday morning, police said.

Flushing »

The suspect fled the scene in a dark-colored Honda Civic, and is still on the lam, police said.

Flushing »

She was attacked as she walked along the Horace Harding Expressway, police said.

Upper East Side »

Forest Johnson was charged with raping and beating a woman in 2014, but served just four months in jail.

Central Harlem »

Forest Richardson previously raped a woman he held captive in his home, officials said.

Lower East Side »

The man was knocked unconscious by an unseen assailant while on his way to the store, police said.

Claremont »

The girl initially said she was sexually assaulted in the park but has since recanted, police said.

Midtown East »

About 40 women, children and babies protested the GOP nominee's comments towards women on Wednesday.

Ocean Hill »

The two 12-year-olds, together with a 14-year-old, sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl, police said.

Claremont »

The attack happened on Monday at 10 p.m. in a rocky section of the park, police said.

Central Harlem »

The suspect pulled off her clothes and tried to rape her before running away, sources said.

Woodside »

The officers were investigating an earlier sexual assault when they saw a man grab a woman, police said.

Jamaica »

Roger Rivera was arrested and charged with rape Wednesday after assaulting the girl, police said.