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New York City »

Bloomberg estimated that between 200 and 300 homes will eventually have to be bulldozed.

East Village »

Police have ramped up patrols and added spotlights to make neighborhoods left in the dark more secure.

New York City »

The DOB is sending inspectors into Zone A buildings to determine whether they are safe to reoccupy.

New York City »

Water has been given an extra shot of chlorine, but is safe to drink, Bloomberg said.

Upper East Side »

The new plan is expected to improve the park's safety between pedestrians and cyclists.

New York City »

Riders are more concerned about their personal safety at night, a new survey finds.

Corona »

Students at the  High School for Arts and Businesses painted a mural aimed at slowing down drivers.

Astoria »

This Saturday, DOT will close part of Newtown Avenue in Astoria to create a temporary pedestrian plaza.

New York City »

Ten MTA workers were charged with tampering with public records.

Astoria »

Peter Vallone wants the DOT to create emergency lanes on Queens Boulevard.

Astoria »

City Councilman Peter Vallone and his brothers saw two girls in trouble on the Jersey Shore.

Upper West Side »

Community Board 7 approved safety fixes at Collegiate, Booker T. Washington and Ascension schools.

Greenpoint »

Pool-goers and local politicians are calling for beefed-up security at McCarren Pool.

Upper West Side »

The city DOT wants to widen more than a dozen sidewalks to protect students near three local schools.

Columbus Circle »

Residents say skateboarders in Columbus Circle are terrorizing families and tourists.