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Manhattan »

Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani reportedly said Thursday he never would have allowed Occupy Wall Street to take over Zuccotti Park.

Harlem »

Protesters rode the train from Harlem to join demonstrators in Foley Square during the "Day of Action" to mark two-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street.

Manhattan »

Occupy Wall Street protesters didn't shut down the New York Stock Exchange, but they danced and sang to celebrate a "Day of Action." Police arrested nearly 200 protesters.

Manhattan »

Subway service was running normally Thursday as Occupy Wall Street protesters moved on the New York Stock Exchange.

Washington Heights & Inwood »

City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez said he was thrown to the ground and beaten by police when he was arrested three blocks north of Zuccotti Park early Tuesday morning.

Downtown »

Occupy Wall Street's day of action is scheduled to start Thursday with an attempt to shut down the New York Stock Exchange.

Downtown »

The number of protesters at Zuccotti Park dwindled overnight as protesters sought shelter on their first night without tents and sleeping gear.  

Downtown »

Protesters headed back to shuttered Zuccotti Park and took over a lot at Canal Street and Sixth Avenue after their makeshift camp was cleared early Tuesday.

Downtown »

Folk singer and activist Joan Baez will perform at an Occupy Wall Street Demonstration in Foley Square Friday, a lawyer for the organizers said.

East Village & Lower East Side »

In an exhibition titled "Waves... the Tides of Time," Gallery onetwentyeight has chosen to include images of the protest, which is less than two months old and only a blocks away.

Manhattan »

Uptown politicians led a march from Washington Heights to Zuccotti Park Monday in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.

Downtown »

Joshua Wiles, 27, a city teacher, was among 20 Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested during a march to Foley Square on Nov. 5, 2011.

Greenwich Village & SoHo »

David Suker, 43, allegedly pushed a shopping cart at cops when they tried to arrest him for blocking traffic while handing out Occupy Wall Street material on Prince and Thompson streets.

Murray Hill, Gramercy & Midtown East »

About a dozen advocates in wheelchairs staged a "roll-in" on Thursday to protest the city's new "Taxi of Tomorrow" design, which does not accommodate those with disabilities. 

Downtown »

The police barricades meant to deter Occupy Wall Street protesters and that led the struggling Milk Street Cafe to fire 21 staff members were back up again Wednesday night.