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One of the mayor's deputy directors got the OK to consult for Bridge Career Centers LLC.

East New York »

Greenpoint, East New York and another Staten Island neighborhood are also being eyed by City Hall.

Cobble Hill »

Fortis Property Group may choose to go through the ULURP process, which requires city approval.

Lower East Side »

311 complaints about homelessness and panhandling in the area have reached a five-year high, data shows.

Civic Center »

Officials expect 70,000 children to enroll and plan to give parents more program choices. 

Corona »

The US Tennis Association says they're unable to hand over the money without a group to hand it to.

Midtown »

Reporters were told they could not attend the July meeting even though it was in a public school. 

Civic Center »

City Hall announces no discipline for top aide who failed to disclose she lived with convicted killer.

Morningside Heights »

The high school junior is just beginning his tour of local colleges and universities. 

Civic Center »

The record amount of overtime was more than double what was paid when Bloomberg took office.

Union Square »

A community group is fighting the city's plan to open an eatery in Union Square Park.

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The city won't say whether emails from the NYPD, DOE and other agencies will be preserved for posterity.

Midtown »

Companies including Google made organizers sign non-disclosure agreements, angering the community board.

Midtown »

A popular food truck spot on East 47th Street between Park and Madison avenues was cleared out by cops.

Midtown »

The July 8 concert will shut down a portion of Broadway during rush hour.