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East Village »

Christopher Felix, an FDNY EMT, was arrested for slashing tires on East Third Street, police said.

Central Harlem »

Patrick Henneberry, 50, threatened to write the woman up for violating her parole unless she agreed.

Upper East Side »

The bichon frise's fur was so matted that it cut off circulation to the paw, prosecutors said. 

Midtown »

Curtis Campbell attacked the man he'd accused of kicking him in the groin, prosecutors said.

Midtown »

Grant Leach was accused of kicking a gay man near Penn Station last March, prosecutors said.

Midtown »

The Knicks legend appeared in court Tuesday, two months after his arrest at Madison Square Garden.

Upper East Side »

A.J. Black didn't pay state taxes for four years, the DA's office says.

Upper East Side »

Lynne Roberts, 68, told authorities her partner refused her assistance, so she left him on the ground.

Chelsea »

Selvaggia Pizzetti, 44, was sentenced to three to nine years in state prison on Wednesday.

Lower East Side »

Stefan Hoyte's attorney blamed bad road conditions, not his .10 blood alcohol, for the fatal crash.

Times Square & Theater District »

Meneses will also be on probation for five years after his jail sentence, the DA's office said.

Flatiron »

Abraham Diaz, 36, is accused of committing 14 burglaries in 2015 and was arrested again this month.

Washington Heights »

False statements were made in a search warrant and to a grand jury, the indictment says.

Hamilton Heights »

Isaac Duran Infante was indicted in the murder of Felicia Barahona and their 4-year-old son Miguel.

Flatiron »

Javon Segrede, 25, broke into a building overlooking Madison Square Park on Dec. 3, police said.