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Upper East Side »

Claims against the Sanitation Department grew by 42 percent from 2013 to 2014, a report found.

Wakefield »

Certain NYPD precincts and city hospitals continued to see a rise in claims amidst overall declines.

Crown Heights »

Pearl Miles claims Borough President Eric Adams and others wanted her out because of her "old age."

East Village »

A judge barred the landlord from evicting the diner over gas-siphoning claims.

Lenox Hill »

The doctor had been with Lenox Hill Hospital for nearly a decade.

Upper East Side »

She wanted to sue her 12-year-old nephew for jumping on her and breaking her wrist in the process.

Claremont »

Residents of Morris Houses have been fighting for repairs since last September.

Upper East Side »

Chanos was a guarantor for a woman who stopped paying rent for a 5th Ave. apartment, the suit alleges. 

Central Harlem »

Alex Bell has filed three lawsuits against the company, claiming truck parking impedes his rides.

Melrose »

Miguel Torruella still has marks on his right torso from the stun gun, according to a lawsuit.

Upper East Side »

Remains of a 92-year-old woman sent through the United States Postal Service were never received.

Midtown »

Bernadette Roberts was arrested and forced to leave her learning-disabled son to wander Midtown alone.

Civic Center »

The state says a city worker crashed a vehicle into an overhead sign on the Henry Hudson Parkway.

East Village »

The family said they were taken to court because they could not point out a rent error to NYCHA workers.

Starrett City »

The nation's largest federally subsidized housing complex is accused of discrimination.