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Civic Center »

Tenants will receive free legal lawyers or counseling under the $93 million initiative.

Bushwick »

While complaints were up 25 percent citywide, North Brooklyn saw a more dramatic spike.

Crown Heights »

The 66-year-old woman was attacked inside a President Street building, police said.

Bushwick »

Coca, 60, was remembered as a tireless housing advocate. She died of cancer last week.

Astoria »

Residents say they plan to fight the New York School of Urban Ministry to stay in their homes.

Bushwick »

Joel and Amrom Israel admitted they hired vandals to intimidate tenants with pitbulls and sledgehammers.

Williamsburg »

Two brothers were charged with the 2014 murder of Menachem Stark.

Bushwick »

Two Williamsburg landlords, a jeweler and their three wives were arrested Tuesday, prosecutors said.

Williamsburg »

Kendel Felix abducted the Williamsburg landlord and then killed him. 

Inwood »

City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez's fair will happen Thursday night from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

Central Harlem »

She used the rent to buy luxury goods at Macy's and pay off her personal debt. 

East Williamsburg »

Get rid of your pets in 48 hours or we'll get rid of you, a letter from the management company reads.

East Williamsburg »

Sure We Can is hoping 60 million cans, or $3 million will help them buy their East Williamsburg lot. 

Williamsburg »

The Lichtenstein Group allowed its Philadelphia factory to become a "firetrap," a grand jury found.

Boerum Hill »

The Atlantic Avenue shop has been called a "neighborhood institution."