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South Street Seaport »

The dog boutique is operating from the Seaport Animal Hospital after getting flooded during Sandy.

New York City »

Preparing for flooding is "the single most important infrastructure challenge of our time," Quinn said.

Long Island City »

Artwork in storage at The Noguchi Museum sustained damage from the hurricane.

Lower East Side »

Residents of Knickerbocker Village are considering a rent strike after two weeks in the dark and cold.

New York City »

Another 80,000 suffered water damage in the hurricane's floods, Bloomberg said.

Brighton Beach »

Immigrant students become refugees as two popular South Brooklyn schools struggle with displacement.

Long Island City »

The landmark Hunters Point restaurant was flooded by 6 feet of water and hopes to reopen in three months.

Coney Island »

One Ocean Towers elevator was restored, but some elderly and disabled are still trapped in their homes.

Gerritsen Beach »

Richard Krins, 68, was found dead is his Gerritsen Beach home on Oct. 31.

Port Morris »

The popular Bruckner Bar and Grill suffered major flooding. Another business had its ceiling collapse.

Midland Beach »

Many court officers, the men and women who keep the courts secure, lost everything in Sandy.

Gerritsen Beach »

A Gerritsen Beach family had five homes damaged and three cars ruined by Hurricane Sandy.

Gerritsen Beach »

Good Samaritans have used a Jet Ski and a monster truck to help Hurricane Sandy victims.

Inwood »

Hurricane Sandy uprooted trees and caused damage at Swindler Cove, a restored natural habitat.

New York City »

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, another coastal storm is on track to strike the Northeast on Wednesday.