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Midtown »

The FBI director confirmed that his bureau was investigating ties between Russia and Trump's campaign.

Civic Center »

The FBI questioned and investigated more than two dozen people with connections to City Hall.

Midtown »

Juan Thompson made at least eight bomb threats using voice disguises, fake emails and faxes, feds said.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Munther Omar Saleh and Fareed Mumuni planned to plant a pressure-cooker bomb and attacked FBI agents.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Akhror Saidakhmetov was busted with two other men after he boarded a plane to try and join ISIS. 

Howard Beach »

Police released a profile of the jogger's possible killer and asked for help from the public.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Mohamed Rafik Naji spoke about mowing people down with a dump truck, according to court papers.  

Civic Center »

The week after the presidential election also saw an increase in hate crimes, according to the data.

Cambria Heights »

Rashon Venable was charged with fatally slashing 14-year-old Sabrina Matthews insider her bedroom.

East Harlem »

Here’s an explainer if you're not familiar with the group’s preaching  on city corners.

Midtown »

Electronic devices seized from the former New York congressman unearthed new emails, a report says.

Travis »

Blaise Caroleo, 51, was arrested on child pornography charges by the FBI, according to court documents.

Upper East Side »

Nikanor Chebotarevich, known as "Chipmunk," died on Oct. 5, friends say.

High Bridge »

Alleged members include Eduardo "Lil Bro Ed" Rosa and Cicero "Boobie" Williams.

Chelsea »

Investigators believe the pair may have deactivated the bomb when taking it out of the suitcase.