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Gravesend »

Ernest Jones, 34, and Colyn Needham, 28, were charged with murder and other crimes, police said.

Hunts Point »

Aaron Grullon tried to bring in marijuana, K2, tobacco and packs of cigarettes, officials said.

Midtown »

Gov. Andrew Cuomo also sent a letter asking game developers to stop sex offenders from playing.

Hunts Point »

Eight guards and three inmates were involved in the scuffle, jail officials said.  

East Elmhurst »

The officer, an inmate and an associate of the inmate were charged May 31, the Bronx DA said.

Hunts Point »

A total of 17 people were indicted for conspiring to smuggle scalpels, drugs and other contraband.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Layquan Johnson, 22, escaped from 320 Jay St. Tuesday night, police said.

Concourse »

The attack, which sent the inmate to the hospital, happened at the Bronx County Hall of Justice.

Hunts Point »

Officer Mohammed Sufian has been arrested for trafficking contraband into Rikers Island.

Elmhurst »

The guard was treated at a hospital after the assault, officials said.

Mott Haven »

The 25-year-old private investigator had sealed the drugs in small clear plastic bags, officials said.

Concourse »

Angelo Martinez was arrested after he brought three knives into the jail complex, officials said.

East Elmhurst »

The population has held in the 9,000s this year, a DOC spokesman said.

Civic Center »

The Department of Investigation spent six months reviewing the jail health care operator.