Department of Investigation

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Breezy Point »

Homeowners were not allowed to apply for repairs on anything other than their primary residence.

Civic Center »

The revelation comes as the city decides to move forward with the $6.4 million deal.

Brownsville »

Zarah Coombs confessed to beating her son Zamair Coombs with a broom handle, officials said.

Financial District »

The firms, HAKS and SIMCO Engineering, are owned by a Mayor de Blasio fundraiser.

Jamaica »

Michael Guzman died Sunday after being found unconscious inside his home.

Civic Center »

As of December, just 4,700 NYPD officers had been trained on how to deal with the mentally ill.

Bushwick »

Letita James said she has been looking into the troubled nonprofit Bushwick Economic Development Corp.

Allerton »

Olegario Pabon, 84, died three days after an elevator accident that occurred last Christmas Eve.

Jamaica »

One suspect left "a wad of cash" on a sink for an inspector, officials said.

Bushwick »

Nonprofit Bushwick Economic Development Corp. was accused of extortion and bribing city workers.

Concourse »

Correction Officers Sean Smith and Velma Rogers have been indicted for official misconduct.

Rockaway Beach »

The city is conducting a probe into Dayton Beach Park after complaints from residents.

West Harlem »

The inquiry began after the nonprofit fired its president and chief financial officer.

Financial District »

The Department of Investigation raided two city contractors' offices tied to fundraiser Husam Ahmad.

Central Harlem »

Four agencies investigated Zymere Perkins' abuse in April but left the 6-year-old with his mother.