Department of Investigation

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South Beach »

Tommy Demoneris, 55, was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, prosecutors said.

Jackson Heights »

He pretended a man in Queens was suffering cardiac arrest, according to the Department of Investigation.

Murray Hill »

The city marshal was going serve the man eviction papers, officials said.

Mott Haven »

The 25-year-old private investigator had sealed the drugs in small clear plastic bags, officials said.

Civic Center »

The department frequently does not punish officers who are found to have used excessive force, DOI said.

Civic Center »

Kenneth Hart is the first person to lose his DOB license for too many violations, officials said.

Civic Center »

The NYPD's body-camera trial program needs stricter policies to work well, Eure said.

SoHo »

A complaint about the illegal child care facility was lodged with the Health Department in Nov. 2014.

Civic Center »

MDC inmate Ernest Murphy hid bedsheets in his cell for a possible escape, the DOI said.

Park Slope »

Denzel Thompson, 24, wrote in the group home's log that three accused rapists were safe in their beds. 

Civic Center »

The Department of Investigation spent six months reviewing the jail health care operator.

Midtown »

The classic deli was shuttered due to an illegal gas line, ConEdison confirmed. 

East Flatbush »

Apartments should be leased to homeless families instead, they say, with the help of a rental subsidy.

Civic Center »

The Department of Investigation said that conditions at city shelters need immediate action. 

Midtown »

The program is now expected to be completed a decade late and run hundreds of millions over budget.