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Dongan Hills »

Have you heard about the plight of the Staten Island Turkey?

New Dorp »

The Parks Department was granted emergency permission to go ahead with the plan.

St. George »

The social media campaign will urge residents to check themselves for ticks. 

Willowbrook »

The city's plan seeks to sterilize hundreds of male deer over three-years.

Tottenville »

The city finished installing the signs on Staten Island streets last week.

New Dorp »

A petition was started after a government report suggested lethal methods of controlling the animals.

New Dorp »

Deer in the borough could be sterilized, fenced off or killed under the proposals.

Willowbrook »

The city will install 21 signs at spots around Staten Island after the animals' population exploded.

Charleston »

Borough President Oddo told the city that Staten Island will no longer be NYC's "dumping ground."

Upper West Side »

The deer, believed to have been wounded while crossing the Henry Hudson Parkway, has died, police said.

Flushing »

A Southern Pudu fawn, the world's smallest species of deer, was born at the Queens Zoo.

Travis »

David Oakes, 48, pleaded guilty to charges of poaching and faces $3,000 in fines. 

Travis »

David Oakes was caught wearing camouflage gear and carrying a bow and arrow, investigators said.

Pleasant Plains »

A survey found 793 deer living on Staten Island, compared to just 24 in 2008.

Willowbrook »

The Parks Department will conduct an aerial survey of the deer.