City Council

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Fort Greene »

A youth league had to pool its own money to pay for makeshift field lights and a generator to run them.

East New York »

The City Council questioned agency officials Monday on specifics in the plan to rezone the area.

Fordham »

The bill would tell voters which elections they were registered for and if they voted in them.

Brooklyn Heights »

The Brooklyn Borough Board approved the controversial $52 million sale of the Brooklyn Heights Library.

Midtown »

Bill de Blasio signed a bill co-naming 42 thoroughfares and public places in all 5 boroughs.  

Longwood »

Several candidates are running for a vacant City Council seat representing the 17th District.

Hunts Point »

The winner of the District 17 election will make more than eight times what their constituents do.

Upper East Side »

The City Council approved a 32 percent pay raise this month.

Carroll Gardens »

Carlos Menchaca, Brad Lander and others now make far more than the median income of their districts.

Greenwich Village »

The City Council just voted to give themselves a 32 percent raise.

Inwood »

The City Council turned down a request to co-name West 214th Street and Broadway "Renee Mancino Way."

Jackson Heights »

City Council members voted themselves a 32 percent raise last week, bringing the salary up to $148,500.

Civic Center »

The City Council is pushing for deeper affordability in the mayor's Mandatory Inclusionary Housing plan.

Central Harlem »

The councilwoman doesn't keep track of how much of her money she spends on constituents, her staff said.