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West Harlem »

Harlem Success Academy is trying to take over classrooms at Frederick Douglass Academy II.

Civic Center »

During a roundtable on the state budget, the mayor said colocations were still the city's decision.

Flushing »

The mayor claimed victory after Albany passed a budget with $300 million per year in UPK funding.

Astoria »

Growing Up Green Charter School, founded by Matthew Greenberg, will expand to a middle school next year.

Central Harlem »

Parents from Eva Moskowitz's Success Academy charter schools sued Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Central Harlem »

Moskowitz fought back after the city blocked a plan to co-locate three Success Academy schools.

Civic Center »

Mayor Bill de Blasio said the new funds will help pay for things including universal pre-K seats.

Crown Heights »

80 percent of kindergartners with special needs left charter schools within three years, a study found.

Crown Heights »

The mayor-elect reiterated his promise to have the first phase of universal pre-K up by September 2014.

Greenpoint »

The controversial Williamsburg school has enrolled just over half its projected number of students.

Civic Center »

Insiders say the Republican mayoral candidate's anemic poll numbers are keeping supporters away.

Midtown »

The GOP mayoral candidate said frontrunner Bill de Blasio has no idea how to properly keep the city safe.

Soundview »

The next mayor's policies could have a big impact in areas with high charter demand, like The Bronx.

Lower East Side »

The new charter school is operating out of a former Catholic school building on Monroe Street.

Midtown South »

The school would replace Norman Thomas High School, which is being phased out due to poor performance.