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East Village »

St. Mark's Bookshop opened its new spot on E. 3rd St. after high rents forced the store to move.

Upper East Side »

Brazenhead Books owner Michael Seidenberg has been operating out of an UES apartment since 2008.

East Village »

St. Mark's Bookshop in the final weeks of fundraising for its May move to East Third Street.

Midtown »

The historic 57th Street building housing the Rizzoli Bookstore is set to be demolished.

Bushwick »

Stefano Black describes levels of hypnosis after showing students they already practice one form.

Greenwich Village »

The Strand was criticized for treating the homeless like "pests," not people.

Greenwich Village »

The Strand Book Store recently removed signs warning outdoor sprinklers would go off at night.

Bushwick »

A year after Bushwick's first bookstore opened four shops and a library offer events almost nightly.

West Village »

A rare book fair returning to the Village on Saturday celebrates the printed page.

Bushwick »

Molasses Books is celebrating its new liquor license with a party this weekend.

Lower East Side »

BGSQD is creating community through selling books with a gay connection. 

Park Slope »

PowerHouse on 8th and Community Bookstore now feature roomy children's sections.

New York City »

People took to Twitter to recommend books to read while New Yorkers ride out the storm.

Park Slope »

powerHouse plans to open a bookstore on Eighth Avenue between 11th and 12th streets in October.

Bushwick »

Two bookstores are opening within days of each other near the DeKalb L station.