West Shore Expressway

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Rossville »

Christopher Rucci, 38, died after crashing into the guardrail on Thursday morning, police said.

Charleston »

Alan Sweatt, 29, and Saif Farouk, 27, were charged with DWI, prosecutors said.

St. George »

Pedro Abad, 27, was hit with a 27-count indictment on Monday in Staten Island.

Charleston »

The project aimed to improve traffic flow on the Staten Island highway.

New Springville »

Lhota said the roads would help alleviate traffic on busy streets like Richmond Avenue.

St. George & Port Richmond »

Some 200 firefighters worked all night to bring the large fire at the Fresh Kills landfill under control.

New Dorp & South Beach »

The man was hit during rush hour near the West Shore Expressway and Staten Island Expressway.