Manhattan Criminal Court

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Lynne Roberts, 68, told authorities her partner refused her assistance, so she left him on the ground.

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Meneses will also be on probation for five years after his jail sentence, the DA's office said.

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The Manhattan District Attorney wants Albany lawmakers to hold companies accountable.

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"Two doctors said he's fit, one doctor said he's unfit," Hector Meneses' attorney said on Monday.

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Jeffrey Rackover trashed reminders of his 'son' after a murder in his UES apartment, sources said.  

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James Rackover pleaded not guilty to burying Joseph Comunale's body in a grave on the Jersey Shore. 

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Accused mugger John Torres, 19, was held on a $40,000 bail at his arraignment on Thursday. 

Midtown »

Kryzie King's lawyer said her hair was a large part of her identity as a transgender woman.

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Hotelier Vikram Chatwal burned two dogs — Molly and Finnegan — on Wooster Street, police said.

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Kryzie King said she thought Myls Dobson, 4, was faking injury moments before he died.

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A trio bought Dior and Chanel bags with stolen credit cards during a 10-week spree, officials said. 

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Ekwan Hill, who was arrested in July, won't be arraigned until he is mentally capable, authorities say.

Crown Heights »

The Brooklyn rapper was hit with gun and drug charges following a 2014 arrest.

Chelsea »

Kari Bazemore, 41, has been tied to at least four attacks on women, including a slashing in Chelsea.

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Krit McClean, 21, said his first brush with a manic episode "distorted reality" in his mind.