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The mayor says the sergeant who shot Deborah Danner failed to follow police protocols.

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Officials urged Mayor Bill de Blasio to commit $200 million from the budget to fund the program. 

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Walzak will take an unpaid leave of absence starting Monday.

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The notoriously tardy mayor has racked up several travel scandals over the years. Here's a roundup.

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The federal investigation has ensnared NYPD brass and key officials in City Hall.

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But Tish James says he's not doing enough or being forthcoming about how city failed the 6-year-old.

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Plans to change the street along the west side of Flushing Meadows Corona Park have been on hold.

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Sources said Lt. Peter Salzone shot himself after being told the FBI wanted to question him.

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Deputy Mayor Anthony Shorris admitted fault for letting the nursing home become condos.

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The speech criticized mayor's efforts to address inequality but Stringer would not say he was running.

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Charles Hocking and his firm, Hazen and Sawyer, were hit with subpoenas this summer, sources said.

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Fans say his crime-fighting tactics set the standard, while critics say "Broken Windows" was toxic.

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Jumaane Williams said the act was meant to make "a private protest public."

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A host of candidates are thinking of giving de Blasio a run for his money next year.

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After supporting NYPD move to halt access, de Blasio says the law needs to change.