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Phillip Martin admitted to murdering Diana Rodriguez-Martin after relatives reported her missing. 

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Israel Torres told immigrants he could help obtain green cards and citizenship, prosecutors said. 

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Kwauhuru Govan first claimed he didn't know Rashawn Brazell, but later admitted he went to his funeral.

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Keon Richmond was charged with killing Alastasia Bryan in Canarsie back in December. 

Crown Heights »

Derek Goodings is facing more than 20 years in prison after killing Michael Sampson. 

Gravesend »

Investigators should have used databases to find Jaden Jordan after getting an abuse tip, a report said.

Williamsburg »

Josie “Fresh” Tavera and Jason Collazo admitted to selling the drug in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

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Asa Robert robbed and sexually assaulted an 82-year-old woman in her Brighton Beach home in 2015.

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Apollo Hernandez killed Ruth Maceira before she could speak with the DA about him raping a relative.

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Asa Robert is facing 122 years in prison after being found guilty of rape on Monday. 

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Tyheim Smith was part of a group that fatally shot Tryone Woods in on Broadway. 

East New York »

Ex-NYPD Officer Peter Liang and the Brooklyn DA's Office have dropped their respective appeals.

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Tara Lenich forged 20 signatures to listen to her ex-boyfriend and his new flame, prosecutors say.

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Akmaljon Abakulov targeted his victims because of their age, prosecutors said. 

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Yayun Weng attacked her 2-year-old son in 2014, paralyzing him and causing brain damage.